MTRW | Monthly Workout Plan 4

Hi guys,DSC00249

With the holidays on our heels we usually find ourselves strapped for time this plan solves that problem. You will be able to start fresh if you fell off the wagon or continue to gain muscle with this plan fit for anyone from a beginner to a more habitual fitness nut ūüôā

I recommend using Pilo-Yoga as your warm-up and cool down, holding each pose for at least 6-12 breath, choose your range according to your fitness level:

If you are trying to lean out and have a few extra minutes then add 15 min MTRW | HIIT training on Leg and Pilo-Yoga Days and/or add Pilo-Yoga Vinyasa on Sunday as a warm-up.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sets / Reps
3 x 15 3 x 15  30 min
3 x 15   Rest
30 min 
  • Rest
  • MTRW | Legs
  • MTRW | Chest, Shoulders, Ticeps
  • Pilo-Yoga
  • MTRW | Back, Biceps, Abs
  • Active Rest Day (optional)

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New workouts for the new plan will start to roll out next week but if you are anxious to start the new plan here are a few suggestions from my old-tiMe favorite workouts and just as effective:

Until next time – Let the fit times roll!

Svetlana “Free2BFit”

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