Bikini Prep | MTRW 12 | Olympic Power

Hi guys,

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for more MTRWs…of course you are why do I even ask 🙂 For today’s workout you will need:

Ans here is you today’s Bikini Prep | MTRW 12 | Olympic Power workout breakdown:

Warm-up: Pilo-Yoga | 90 Day Challenge | Day 13

Bikini Prep: MTRW 12 | Olympic Power

    • 4 rounds | 25 reps | 9 exercises | 1 min break between rounds
    • Exercises:
      1. squat
      2. deadlift
      3. standing calf raises
      4. bend over row
      5. bench press
      6. behind neck pull down
      7. biceps curls
      8. triceps extension
      9. bend knee weighted situps
    • Workout breakdown and work:

Have a great weekend and check out my latest addition to the POP Nutrition recipe box: POP Nutrition | Tender Lump Crab Cakes With Spring Slaw or POP Nutrition | Coconut, Currants, Almonds and Flax Granola Treat, and many other weight-loss friendly meals:



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