MTRW Of The Day | Chiseled Legs

Hi guys,

Hope you all are ready for Thanksgiving – turkey and many other healthy holiday recipes are coming your way this week – but for today the focus is legs.

Workout Breakdown: 4 rounds | 10 reps for weighted exercise x 25 reps for body weight

  1. Superset 1
    • Back squats
    • front steps ups
  2. Superset 2
    • Olympic bar dealdifts
    • Leg extension
  3. Superset 3
    • Olympic bar lateral lunges
    • resistance band side steps
  4. Abs BoNus
    • decline site ups | hands behind head
    • incline lower lift + air plain
  5. Whipped cream – 35 min stair master

Stretch and enjoy.


Esse Libere Fitness – Free To Be Fit

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